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Friday, April 29, 2022

Tristian Harris: social media algorithms

This post is a collection of quotes from Tristian Harris on an episode of the Your Undivided Attention podcast (hosted by the Center for Humane Technology) in 2022 titled The Bigger Picture on Elon Musk and Twitter. The video for the episode can be found at this link. I recommending listening to the episode. There are 4 quotes listed below chronologically.


1. "Why does Twitter matter? Well, Twitter is different than Instagram, or YouTube because Twitter really is the place where politics and journalism live. Journalist construct the world, the media world the rest of us live in." (0:00)


2. "I think the deep opportunity is to be able to transform Twitter in a more radical way to be a deep service to humanity extending the light of consciousness. And to enabling really constructive kinds of speech and back and forth..." (2:59)


3. "What's resonating with the public as determined by a trending algorithm inside of Twitter is literally determining what goes on TV. It is quite simply the case that technology is upstream from media and culture and all these other things..." (7:35)


4. "What would the Twitter look like that's making humanity a multi-planetary species? ...And you just think to yourself, gosh, how did they get to the 23rd century? ...What developmental trajectory? What inventions? What ways did they have to organize themselves socially? What social technologies?" (8:04)