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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Terence McKenna: Timewave - internet quotes

This post is a collection of quotes about the internet from Terence McKenna in a бor video titled Timewave. I recommend listening to the video at this link. There are 4 quotes listed below chronologically.


1. "Well I think that the real impact of the internet is art and that we have not yet begun to communicate with each other. We are so used to small mouth noises and text and we have the habits hammered into us by mass media, which are consumptive habits." (1:04:11)


2. "Collage is a unique, 20th century form of art. And it deconstructs culture and it has all kinds of adumbrations and echoes and resonances built into it. Hypertextualizing collage through image mapping to built vast multi-leveled hyper collage-like environments is something I want to do." (1:06:07)


3. "You should do your version. Everybody should understand, you have this little place where you can build and display your dreams... There is this place now which is a window into your soul that you can put online. And my website will become more and more me until to will be more me than I am." (1:06:55)


4. "This becomes an enormous database for learning, for understanding, for feeling what it is to be human." (1:08:44)