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Sunday, July 17, 2022

Rebecca Giblin: how to fix copyright

This post is a collection of quotes from Rebecca Giblin in an interview on the Walled Culture podcast in 2022 titled Rebecca Giblin - Reversion Rights, Out-Of-Print Books and How to Fix Copyright. The video for this interview can be found at this link. I recommend listening to the interview. There are 3 quotes listed below chronologically.


1. "What actually are we trying to achieve here and how can we do it better than these systems that are just incredibly wasteful both in terms of what creators get but also in terms of what the public gets in terms of their ongoing access to knowledge and culture?" (21:44)


2. "We need to address the problem of concentrated corporate power... One of the big reasons, and underrecognized reasons why creators earn so little and why so much culture is tied up without public benefit is because these supply chains are colonized by powerful corporations that co-opt most its value for their own shareholders' good." (22:20)


3. "I would love to see new alliances. I would like to see creative workers really see themselves more as workers and unite with other workers in the shared struggle that we have against concentrated corporate power. And I would really like to see new alliances between people and organizations that, you know, in the copyright discourse over the last 20 years have been pitted as enemies, but have very much commonality. So I'm thinking for example book authors and libraries, and visual artists and galleries. Very often in copyright people are told to pick a side and look, its just not helpful for moving things forwards and finding shared ground..." (27:21)


License: CC BY 4.0