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January 2017 (reposted Saturday, January 19, 2019)

Meditations about economics


Photo source: Wikimedia Commons, Dguendel

Photo license: CC BY 4.0


This post is a list of notes I had between April 2016 and January 2017. During that time, whenever I got a new idea or new question, I would write it on the back cover of my research notebooks. I would use these notes to meditate about the nature of economics and establish my goals for future research. This post post was originally posted in January 2017.


Ranking schools of economics

Economic knowledge test

Goals of economics

Production process of all good and services

Goal of an economist

Correct ways to use mathematics in economics

Wikipedia articles on economics

Ranking heterodox economic methods

Reorganizing my notebooks

Central bank methods

World's best economic models

Real life demand and supply for all markets

Corporate data website

Ranking competitors by profit and profit margin

Tree of economic thought

Economic policy list

Table for economic school's opinion on topics

Table for economic school's agreement on theories

Analysis of economic theories

Utopian economics

What is the ideal 21st century world economy?

Top 100 economic debates

Reconciliation of economic thought

Normative versus positive economics

Anti-positivism versus positivism

List of economists

What is Paul Samuelson's system?

What is Adam Smith's system?

What is Alfred Marshall's system?

What is John Maynard Keynes' system?

Book of quotes and rebuttals with moderators asking questions

Average systematic behavior

Who is the best at forecasting?

Autodidact economy

Regress everything against GDP growth rate

U.S. corporate outlook

Technology forecasting

Testing economic hypotheses

Newspapers most similar to The Economist

Most innovative universities in the world

Target audience of Econ Factbook

YouTube videos of economists

Consolidation of the best econometric studies

Analysis of Wealth of Nations

Methods in econometrics

History of econometrics

Social science philosophers

Modern economic models

Re-examination of statistics and correlation

Best economists prior to Adam Smith

Neoclassical models: Marshall and Samuelson

Statistical vocabulary

Enlightenment philosophy

History of economic thought

Econ Factbook 1776

Keynesian variations

History of economic models

Methods in mathematical economics

Reconciliation of papers and books

Political parties around the world

History of the scientific method

History of philosophy

Economist database excel document

Econ Factbook econometrics

History of foreign currency rates

D.C. think tanks and organizations

Scientific method of economics

Finite economic data available

History of economic textbooks

History of asset returns

Fundamental value of the S&P 500

Welfare states

Ideal policy agenda

History of political parties

Econ Factbook notecards

Health around the world

Visualized U.S. financial system

History of business

History of technology

History of economic journals

Ranking Nobel Prize in economics winners

Best economics universities

Importance of Adam Smith

Economist notecards

Event notecards

Emotional view of economics

Definitions of economics and capitalism

History of Nobel Prize winner: 1 chapter for each

Best economic reports publicly available


Citation analysis

Economist interviews

Decades approach to growth

Major goal of economics: longer lifespan and happiness

Economic history integrated with relevant theories

Principles of heterodox economics

Quotes to support Econ Factbook

Michael Burry

Writing economic papers

Comparison of tax methods

History of GDP, prices and innovation

Problem solving economics

Macroeconomic diagnostics

Skeleton theory of macroeconomic data

Perspectives about economics from famous economists

How to monitor the economy

Ethics and economics

Science of economy

Specific narrow economic questions

Country history documentaries on YouTube

Data structures should be a debated topic

Structured data for specific industries

Systematic knowledge

Forecasting performance

What can academic economists learn from hedge fund analysis?

Expansion of Ha-Joon Chang's schools of thought table

Theory examples and counterexamples

How to be more scientific?

Favorite / best economic theory

What caused economics to go bad?

What caused the 2008 financial crisis?

Economists list their top 10 papers

Empirical culture

Teaching oneself economics

Discovering the unknown

Organizing blogs

What does Noah Smith believe?

Infographics as dashboards

Teaching versus science

Do hedge funds use science?

Is Wikipedia science?

Is Aristotle a scientist?

Are animals scientists?

Are infographics science?

Narrative: history of economic thought

Analysis tools

Theories = Statements

Paper introductions

Collective consciousness of economists

History of economic thought: chapters of the narrative

Organization of theories

Comparing previous narratives on the history of economic thought

How does the economy work?

Economics as a religion


Economic scenarios

Invisible hand

Basic laws of utility

GDP = Monetized utility

Theories are stamps you can apply to reality

Falsification methods

Economics as a users manual

Method for properly matching history with theory

Statements in economics

Practical theories

Economist with the most accurate view of the economy



License: CC BY-SA 4.0