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Monday, March 13, 2017

Macroeconomic diagrams

This post is a collection of diagrams intended to display the structure of a macroeconomy. Diagrams have been used for many millennia to describe complex phenomena. Writer Bert Hall said,


"...diagrams are simplified figures, caricatures in a way, intended to convey essential meaning." (The Didactic and the Elegant, 1996)


I have included my own macroeconomic diagram at the end of the post.


Richard Cantillon (1680's-1734)

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons, JoseCatalán




François Quesnay (1694-1774)

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons, PD-old




Paul Samuelson (1915-2009)

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons





Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Photo license: CC0 1.0

Photo source:





Wikimedia Commons, Irconomics

Photo source: CC BY-SA 3.0




Alex Peek

Photo source: CC BY-SA 3.0