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Sunday, January 15, 2023

Larry Sanger and the encyclosphere

Larry Sanger is an American internet entrepreneur and philosopher best known for co-founding Wikipedia in 2001 with Jimmy Wales. Sanger left Wikipedia in 2002 and is a critic of Wikipedia. Wikipedia says,


"Sanger has worked on other online projects, including Nupedia, Encyclopedia of Earth, Citizendium, WatchKnowLearn, Reading Bear, Infobitt, Everipedia, the Knowledge Standards Foundation and the encyclosphere." (Wikipedia: Larry Sanger, 12.16.22 UTC 11:05)


The rest of this post is some quotes from Sanger.




"We need to do for encyclopedias what blogging standards did for blogs: there needs to be an 'Encyclosphere'. We should build a totally decentralized network, like the Blogosphere - or like email, IRC, blockchains, and the World Wide Web itself." (Introducing the Encyclosphere, Larry Sanger Blog, 2019)




"If the project was lucky enough to have a writer or two well-informed about some specialized subject and if their work was not degraded in quality by the majority of people, whose knowledge of the subject is based on paragraphs in books and mere mentions in college classes, then there might be a good, credible article on that specialized subject." (Why Wikipedia Must Jettison Its Anti-Elitism, 2004)


"It is more than just a mob now. It is a mob in the sense that there is real internal political authority being wielded and no regularized fair, democratic way of determining who should have that authority." (Interview with Nupur J. Sharma, Larry Sanger, founder of Wikipedia talks to OpIndia, 2020)