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Saturday, April 2, 2022

Katherine Maher and Wikipedia

This post is a collection of quotes from Katherine Maher in an interview with the Atlantic Council in 2021. I recommend listening to the interview. Katherine Maher was the CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation from 2019 to 2021. There are 3 quotes listed below chronologically. Sources: A conversation with former Wikimedia CEO, Katherine Maher, Atlantic Council


1. "I think one of the really important things about Wikipedia is that it started from a position where it needed to earn trust rather than having institutional trust." (7:17)


2. "I think Wikipedia is very unusual in that unlike other platforms its entire business model over the last 20 years has been about really, not perfecting, but strengthening the process of how to get to good information from a sea of diffuse, undifferentiated sources. And so that means that the editing community has a very high sort of scrutiny on what constitutes a reliable source." (28:33)


3. "My vision of what Wikipedia can and should be is... the epistemological backbone of the internet. There are no other sources of high quality information that so many people rely on in so many languages as sort of an omnibus place to find out context about the world, history about the world." (47:44)