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Saturday, July 9, 2022

John Vervaeke: exemplars of rationality and collaboration

This post is a collection of quotes from John Vervaeke in a conversation with Jordan Hall in 2022. The video for this conversation can be found at this link. I recommend listening to the episode. There are 2 quotes listed below chronologically.


1. "How do you really properly re-cognize, recognize these other perspectives and be able to indwell them and internalize them to a degree without doing some imposition of assimilation or just seeking agreement?" (54:17)


2. "The problem we're gonna face is we do not have widely available templates of rationality, let alone of wisdom. Rationality in the sense I'm talking about here; I'm not talking about the logicality of the Enlightenment. I'm talking about individuals who have demonstrated a domain-general ability for significant self-correction, amelioration of their self-deception and a significant ability to enhance the connectedness to themselves, to other people, to the world, and give it, and it enhance it for other people as well. We have a poverty of exemplars for that." (55:38)