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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Joan Miró and forms

Joan Miró (1893-1983) was a Spanish artist best known for his contributions to abstract art and surrealism. Wikipedia says,


"In Paris, under the influence of poets and writers, he developed his unique style: organic forms and flattened picture planes drawn with a sharp line." (Wikipedia: Joan Miró, 8.20.21 UTC 04:08)


The rest of this post is some quotes from Miro.




"...wherever you are, you find the sun, a blade of grass, the spirals of the dragonfly. Courage consists of staying at home, close to nature, which could not care less about our disasters. Each grain of dust contains the soul of something marvellous." (Quoted in Ou allez-vous Miro? by Georges Duthuit)


"The spectacle of the sky overwhelms me. I'm overwhelmed when I see, in an immense sky, the crescent of the moon, or the sun. There, in my pictures, tiny forms in huge empty spaces. Empty spaces, empty horizons, empty plains - everything which is bare has always really impressed me." (Quoted in Twentieth-Century Artists on Art, 1986)




"I work like a laborer on a farm or in a vineyard. Things come to me slowly. My vocabulary of forms, for instance, has not been the discovery of a day. It took shape in spite of myself... That is why I am always working a hundred different things at the same time." (


"If you have any notion of where you are going, you will never get anywhere." (


"As regards to my means of expression, I try my hardest to achieve the maximum of clarity, power, and plastic aggressiveness; a physical sensation to begin with, followed up by an impact on the psyche." (