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Saturday, April 2, 2022

Jimmy Wales and community knowledge

This post is a collection of quotes from Jimmy Wales in an interview with the Interintellect in 2021. I recommend listening to the interview. Jimmy Wales co-founded Wikipedia in 2001. There are 3 quotes listed below chronologically. Sources: Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales on Facts, Knowledge and Governance, Interintellect


1. "The advertising-only business model, I think has been really devastating for journalism. It's devastating not just directly from journalism but also the ecosystem journalism lives in, so the social networks simply because what you optimize for in that environment is clicks, time-on-site, addiction..." (30:42)


2. "There is no one at the Wikimedia Foundation who's job is to review edits coming in and decide if they're abusive or not. If you're reporting someone for bad behavior, you're reporting to other community members. It's a shared system." (50:08)


3. "I don't pretend I've got the solutions for all this, but where I find it interesting to explore is around devolving power into the community, whatever that might mean in a give context... For me that's the real answer." (58:18)