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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Jacques Monod and innovation

Jacques Monod (1910-1976) was a French biologist best known for his analysis of virus synthesis. Medical doctor Eric Kandel said,


"Jacob and Monod not only outlined a theory of gene regulation, they also discovered the first regulators of gene transcription. These regulators come in two forms - repressors, genes that encode the regulatory proteins that shut genes off, and as later work showed, activators, genes that encode the regulatory proteins that turn genes on." (In Search of Memory, 2006)


The rest of this post is some quotes from Jacques Monod.




"In science, self-satisfaction is death. Personal self-satisfaction is the death of the scientist. Collective self-satisfaction is the death of the research. It is restlessness, anxiety, dissatisfaction, agony of mind that nourish science." (


"A totally blind process can by definition lead to anything; it can even lead to vision itself." (


"Modern societies accepted the treasures and the power offered them by science. But they have not accepted - they have scarcely even heard - its profounder message: the defining of a new and unique source of truth... the definitive abandonment of the 'old covenant; the necessity of forging a new one." (