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Monday, May 16, 2022

Henry Jenkins: participatory culture

This post is a collection of quotes from Henry Jenkins about participatory culture in a lecture with the India Culture Lab in 2015. I recommend watching the interview at this link. There are 4 quotes listed below chronologically.


1. "It actually goes back to the 1920's, this idea that a fan community can be a visible participant in what the story's about..." (1:58)


2. "In Convergence Culture, I ended with this idea that we were learning to play through our relationship with popular culture skills, capacities, social connections that we would use to change the world in the future." (1:00:11)


3. "...we are seeing that the ability of remix, to recirculate stories of popular culture is making a difference in struggles for social justice and equality around the world. And those stories become really powerful tools for changing the hearts and minds of society." (1:00:29)


4. "We need a lot of models for what we mean by co-creation. We should be skeptical of each new model figuring out which way they're encouraging equitable stakes and which ways they're not. And we can't celebrate any given model right away but we all should be open to seeing how things play out and what emerges from those models as they're taking shape." (1:27:00)