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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Georges Braque and style

Georges Braque (1882-1963) was a French artist best known for his contributions to Cubism. Wikipedia says,


"Beginning in 1909, Braque began to work closely with Pablo Picasso who had been developing a similar proto-Cubist style of painting." (Wikipedia: Georges Braque, 3.16.23 UTC 12:28)


The rest of this post is some quotes from Braque.




"It is the limitation of means that determine style, gives rise to new forms and makes creativity possible." (Les Problème de la Peinture, interview with Gaston Diehl, 1945)


"The arts which achieve their effect through purity have never been arts that were good for everything. Greek sculpture (among others) with its decadence, teaches us this." (Quoted in Artists on Art by Robert Goldwater and Marco Treves)