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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Gaston Bachelard and the subconscious


Photo source: Wikimedia Commons, Dutch National Archives

Photo license: CC BY-SA 3.0 NL


Gaston Bachelard (1884-1962) was a French philosopher best known his contributions to the philosophy of science and the subconscious. Wikipedia says,


"Bachelard demonstrated how the progress of science could be blocked by certain types of mental patterns, creating the concept of obstacle epistemologique ('epistemological obstacle'). One task of epistemology is to make clear the mental patterns at use in science, in order to help scientists overcome the obstacles to knowledge." (Wikipedia: Gaston Bachelard, 8.18.21 UTC 22:04)


The rest of this post is a some quotes from Bachelard.




"True poetry is a function of awakening. It awakens us, but it must retain the memory of previous dreams." (Water and Dreams, 1942)


"The subconscious is ceaselessly murmuring and it is by listening to these murmurs that one hears the truth." (The Poetics of Reverie, 1960)


"If I were asked to name the chief benefit of the house, I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace." (The Poetics of Space, 1958)