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Saturday, March 12, 2022

David Bohnett: Internet History Podcast interview

This post is a collection of quotes from David Bohnett in an interview on the Internet History Podcast in 2015. I recommend listening to the interview. David Bohnett is best known for founding the website GeoCities in 1994. There are 4 quotes listed below chronologically. Sources: GeoCities Founder David Bohnett, Internet History Podcast


1. "I was a passionate advocate of the validity of user-generated content, that the internet was all about giving people the opportunity to contribute and participate and feel like they are apart of the medium, that it was not a top-down programmed model..." (22:11)


2. "...what I'm dismayed about is, if you look at the 20 year span, what GeoCities was about was sharing knowledge about ideas and knowledge about topics and we've gotten away from that to sharing knowledge about ourselves..." (49:45)


3. "[We need] more of a platform for people to connect with others based upon their love of certain subject matter. Wikipedia is kind of that, but it doesn't have that mass appeal." (50:47)


4. "There is so much knowledge, collective knowledge, and I'm not sure that we're... crowdfunding the human intellectual potential that's out there." (51:15)