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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Daniel Schmachtenberger and the third attractor

This post is a collection of quotes from Daniel Schmachtenberger in an interview with Rebel Wisdom in 2022 titled In Search of the Third Attractor, Daniel Schmachtenberger (part 1). The video for this interview can be found at this link. I recommend listening to the interview. There are 2 quotes listed below chronologically.


1. "The Dunbar number can be thought of as an upper boundary of a particular type of coordination capacity... Once we start getting larger than that, early empires, we got command and control hierarchies and we start to get all the problems that we see in the world today that are, now at the scale that we are, driving catastrophic risks." (2:43:30)


2. "Can we make the types of transparency and the types of incentive alignment, the types of capacity for deterrence that would exist at a small tribal type scale possible at much much larger scales, where the increase in effective coordination starts to be more effective, right, you start to reduce a huge amount of waste and duplication and, you know, failures of those kinds?" (2:44:36)