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Thursday, July 14, 2022

danah boyd: reknitting society

This post is a collection of quotes from danah boyd in an interview in 2021 with the Aspen Institute titled Disinfo Discussions: The Fundamentals with danah boyd. The video for this interview can be found at this link. I recommend listening to the interview. There are 3 quotes listed below chronologically.


1. "And that's where we have this challenge, which is that our actual social graph of the country is so fragmented that we also label things as misinformation whenever it comes from people... who are not part of our immediate 2 degree out network. And that's where there's another question to the fix: Can we reknit that graph of this country?" (26:54)


2. "How do we think about the knitting because I think that that in many ways is going to be a much more effective systemic intervention to this downstream thing we call disinformation than even all of the things that focus on, say the platforms or higher level laws." (28:01)


3. "The answer is not education. The answer is filling in those human needs, those human connections." (35:27)