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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Cy Twombly and painting experience

Cy Twombly (1928-2011) was an American artist best known for his contributions to modern art. Artist Harald Szeemann said,


"For Twombly, the first thing is the line. It is something deliberately artificial and artistic. He has worked on his line, has made it supple enough to convey form, pace, depth and much else besides. The line... becomes in Twombly's hands. a vibrant, autonomous complex 'self' and 'ter' that romas through wider and wider landscapes spaces and processes."


The rest of this post is some quotes from Twombly.




"When I work, I work very fast, but preparing the work can take any length." (Remark at Photo-Exhibition Cy Twombly, 2008)


"It's more like I'm having an experience than making a picture. So I've never had anyone around. I never have. People are different, but I have to really be with no interference." (Quoted in Cy Twombly by David Sylvester)


"Each line is now the actual experience with its own innate history. It does not illustrate - it is the sensation of its own realization." (Quoted in Writings by Laura Cherubini)


"To paint involves a certain crisis, or at least a crucial moment of sensation or release. By crisis by no means limited to a morbid state, but could as easily be an ecstatic impulse." (Quoted in Stuart Brent presents Cy Twombly by de Roscao)