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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Collection of quotes about MINIX

This post is a collection of quotes about MINIX (initially released in 1987). There are 3 quotes listed below. License: CC BY-SA 4.0


1. "Andrew S. Tanenbaum created MINIX at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam to exemplify the principles conveyed in his textbook, Operating Systems: Design and Implementation (1987)... An abridged 12,010 lines of the C source code of the kernel, memory manager, and file system of MINIX 1.0 are printed in the book." (Wikipedia: MINIX, 3.6.23 UTC 17:27)


2. "Linus Torvalds used and appreciated MINIX, but his design deviated from the MINIX architecture in significant ways, most notably by employing a monolithic kernel instead of a microkernel." (Wikipedia: MINIX, 3.6.23 UTC 17:27)


3. "Early Linux kernel development was done on a MINIX host system, which led to Linux inheriting various features from MINIX, such as the MINIX file System." (Wikipedia: MINIX, 3.6.23 UTC 17:27)