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Monday, January 16, 2023

Collection of quotes about HyperCard

This post is a collection of quotes about HyperCard (initially released in 1987). There are 4 quotes listed below. License: CC BY-SA 3.0


1. "HyperCard combines a flat-file database with a graphical, flexible, user-modifiable interface." (Wikipedia: HyperCard, 1.13.23 UTC 12:29)


2. "HyperCard is based on the concept of a 'stack' of virtual 'cards'. Cards hold data, just as they would in a Rolodex card-filing device... Users build or modify stacks by adding new cards." (Wikipedia: HyperCard, 1.13.23 UTC 12:29)


3. "HyperCard saw a loss in popularity with the growth of the World Wide Web, since the Web could handle and deliver data in much the same way as HyperCard without being limited to files on a local hard disk." (Wikipedia: HyperCard, 1.13.23 UTC 12:29)


4. "According to Ward Cunningham, the inventor of wiki, the wiki concept can be traced back to a HyperCard stack he wrote in the late 1980s." (Wikipedia: HyperCard, 1.13.23 UTC 12:29)