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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Collection of quotes about blogs

This post is a collection of quotes about blogs. There are 6 quotes listed below. License: CC BY-SA 3.0


1. "A blog... is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts)." (Wikipedia: Blog, 11.1.22 UTC 07:25)


2. "The emergence and growth of blogs in the late 1990s coincided with the advent of web publishing tools that facilitated the posting of content by non-technical users who did not have much experience with HTML or computer programming." (Wikipedia: Blog, 11.1.22 UTC 07:25)


3. "The collective community of all blogs and blog authors, particularly notable and widely read blogs, is known as the blogosphere." (Wikipedia: Blog, 11.1.22 UTC 07:25)


4. "Several online communities exist that connect people to blogs and bloggers to other bloggers. Interest-specific blogging platforms are also available." (Wikipedia: Blog, 11.1.22 UTC 07:25)


5. "Many bloggers, particularly those engaged in participatory journalism, are amateur journalists, and thus they differentiate themselves from the professional reporters and editors who work in mainstream media organizations." (Wikipedia: Blog, 11.1.22 UTC 07:25)


6. "A micro-blog differs from a traditional blog in that its content is typically smaller in both actual and aggregated file size... Twitter, Facebook and other micro-blogging services have become platforms for marketing and public relations, with a sharp growth in the number of social media marketers." (Wikipedia: Microblogging, 4.11.22 UTC 05:17)