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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Collection of Alex Peek crayon drawings: 2011

This post is a collection of crayon drawings I made in 2011. There are 34 drawings listed below.


Crayon I




Crayon II




Crayon III




Crayon IV




Crayon V




Crayon VI




Crayon VII




Crayon VIII




Crayon IX




Crayon X




Crayon XI




Crayon XII




Crayon XIII




Crayon XIV




Crayon XV




Crayon XVI




Crayon XVII




Crayon XVIII




Crayon XIX




Crayon XX




Crayon XXI




Crayon XXII




Crayon XXIII




Crayon XXIV




Crayon XXV




Crayon XXVI




Crayon XXVII








Crayon XXIX




Crayon XXX




Crayon XXXI




Crayon XXXII








Crayon XXXIV