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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Carl Jung and subconscious


Photo source: Wikimedia Commons


Carl Jung (1875-1961) was a psychologist best known for his analysis of dreams and symbols. Writer Colin Wilson said,


"For Jung, the 'psychic world' (i.e. the world of the mind) was an independent reality, and it was possible to travel there and make the acquaintance of its inhabitants." (Rudolf Steiner: The Man and His Vision, 1985)


Historian Lewis Mumford said,


"Whereas Freud was for the most part concerned with the morbid effects of unconscious repression, Jung was more interested in the manifestations of unconscious expression, first in the dream and eventually in all the more orderly products of religion and art and morals." (Interpretations and Forecasts, 1967)


The rest of this post is some quotes from Jung.




"Because there are innumerable things beyond the range of human understanding, we constantly use symbolic terms to represent concepts that we cannot define or fully comprehend." (Man and His Symbols, 1964 posthumous)


"We can never legitimately cut loose from our archetypal foundations unless we are prepared to pay the price of a neurosis..." (Quoted by J. B. Priestly in Times Literary Supplement)


"Every archetype is capable of endless development and differentiation." (Psychology and Alchemy, 1952)




"We know as little of a supreme being of Matter. But there is little doubt of the existence of a supreme being as of Matter. The world beyond is reality and experiential fact. We only don't understand it." (Letter to Morton Kelsey, 1958)


"For lack of empirical data, I have neither knowledge nor understanding of such forms of being, which are commonly called spiritual... Nevertheless, we have good reason to suppose that behind this veil there exists the uncomprehended absolute object which affects and influences us..." (Memories, Dreams and Reflections, 1963 posthumous)




"Man, as we realize if we reflect for a moment, never perceives anything fully or comprehends anything completely." (Man and His Symbols, 1964 posthumous)


"Every interpretation is hypothetical, for it is a mere attempt to read an unfamiliar text." (Modern Man in Search of a Soul, 1933)