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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Brewster Kahle and content collection

This post is a collection of quotes from Brewster Kahle in an interview at the Canadian Web Archiving Symposium in 2022. I recommend listening to the interview. Brewster Kahle founded the Internet Archive in 1996. There are 3 quotes listed below chronologically. Source: 2022 Canadian Web Archiving Symposium - Brewster Kahle Keynote, Canadian Association of Research Libraries


1. "...web archiving is not a computer that just goes off and spiders the web. It's a community practice. There are are now 900 organizations that are participating saying what they think are the things that should be archived." (5:59)


2. "We're doing, I think, a pretty good job of collecting but how about reusing? And how do we catalog these things? Make these more available to our students? How do we do data mining more effectively? I don't think we really know how to do that yet." (8:30)


3. "I thought we'd be coming out with a Google a month based on having these common data sets available that we could build new vertical systems on top of. And for whatever reason that hasn't been happening as much as it can and i think should be." (8:53)