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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Barbara Kruger and conceptual art

Barbara Kruger (1945-now) is an American artist best known for her contributions to conceptual art. Wikipedia says,


"Much of Kruger's work pairs found photographs with pithy and assertive text that challenges the viewer..." (Wikipedia: Barbara Kruger, 5.19.23 UTC 7:04, CC BY-SA 3.0)


The rest of this post is some quotes from Kruger.


Conceptual art


"I work with pictures an words because they have the ability to determine who we are, what we want to be and what we become." (Quoted in Guggenheim Museum Collection: A to Z, New York, 2001)


"I think what I'm trying to do is create moments of recognition. To try to detonate some kind of feeling or understanding of lived experience." (


"Direct address has been a consistent tactic in my work, regardless of the medium that I'm working in." (