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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Andy Warhol and pop art


Photo source: Wikimedia Commons, Catmuuu

Photo license: CC BY-SA 3.0


Andy Warhol (1928-1987) was an American artist best known for his contributions to pop art. Artist Maurizio Cattelan said,


"That's probably the greatest thing about Warhol: the way he penetrated and summarized our world, to the point that distinguishing between him and our everyday life is basically impossible, and in any case useless." (Quoted in Maurizio Cattelan by Nancy Spector)


Wikipedia says,


"His works explore the relationship between artistic expression, advertising and celebrity culture that flourished by the 1960's and span a variety of media including painting, silkscreening, photography, film and sculpture." (Wikipedia: Andy Warhol, 8.20.21 UTC 09:16)


The rest of this post is some quotes from Warhol.


Pop art


"I think of myself as an American artist: I like it here... I feel I represent the U.S. in my art but I'm not a social critic. I just paint those things in my paintings because those things are the things I know best." (Quoted in Andy, My true Story 3 by Gretchen Berg)


Andy Warhol: "I think everybody should like everybody." Gene Swenson: "Is that what Pop Art is all about?" Andy Warhol: "Yes, it's liking things." (Quoted in What is Pop Art? Answers from 8 Painters by Art News, 1963)




"In my art work, hand painting would take much too long and anyway that's not the age we're living in." (Quoted in Machine in the Studio by Caroline A. Jones)


"My instinct about painting says, 'If you don't think about it, it's right'. As soon as you have to decide and choose, it's wrong. And the more you decide about, the more wrong it gets." (The Philosophy of Andy Warhol, 1975)




"I suppose I have a really loose interpretation of 'work' because I think that just being alive is so much work at something you don't always want to do." (The Philosophy of Andy Warhol, 1975)


"The reason I'm painting this way is that I want to be a machine, and I feel that whatever I do and do machine-like is what I want to do." (Quoted in What is Pop Art? Answers from 8 Painters by Art News, 1963)