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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Alice Wiegand and Franziska Hein: Wikimedia movement

This post is a collection of quotes from Alice Wiegand (Chair of Wikimedia Deutschland) and Franziska Heine (Executive Director of Wikimedia Deutschland) from a WIKIMOVE Podcast episode in June 2023. There are 4 quotes listed below chronologically.


Alice Wiegand:

1. "I do think that with everything we are doing for free knowledge, we are doing so much for political and social connectivity and building something which stays for a longer time frame, then people can build upon that with their concrete ideas." (8:10)


Franziska Heine:

2. "I think that in this positive outlook and vision, I believe we actually, our movement, can in a way become an example for how to tackle challenging problems collectively... I believe we can be successful with that and we will create a world in which creating and sharing knowledge is something that really everyone can do and that serves in turn, everyone." (12:00)


Franziska Heine:

3. "...this drive of this in order to make the knowledge of the world accessible to everyone and that energy that that creates, that's what for me makes the [Wikimedia] movement." (21:39)


Alice Wiegand:

4. "What I think this little thing which maybe still missing, is the capability, the competence, the knowledge, the experience to just make the best out of this... powerful thing. I still think we're just not reaching out far enough. We're just not, just really thinking outside of the box and trying to rethink our experiences in a very new vision." (22:43)



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